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If you are a renter, you know your landlord for several months, or may be for years, you have obviously good relation with your landlord. But sometime when you’re moving out of their rental property there are several issues occurred between your relationships mainly when security deposits are involved. It’s natural to expect security deposits when renters follow and obey landlord terms and conditions. But all landlords are not same as some good landlords return their security deposits without any issue, if a tenant’s follow their terms and conditions. Sometimes landlords aren’t dealing fairly during refunding of security deposits, if you have been confused about why you didn’t receive your full deposit back then there are some tips below which may be helpful to get your security deposit back.

Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Create a checklist when you move-in to a rental property, it is provided by the landlord or you can also download it. Before unpack your boxes take an inspection of rental property and ensure that everything is in working with no marks, spots or any damage is present. If anything wrong, you found mark on the checklist or you can also take pictures or make a video for proof. So your landlord will not claim for damages from you. In addition, make a signature with date with one separate copy of inspection checklist, one for you and another is for landlords.

Take Pictures On Move Out

When you move out or leave your rental property click or take pictures of every room and surface and if possible try to send the pictures to the same day. Many cameras click picture with exact date and time, so try to activate the option to get the date and time on the pictures. It may be used as proof later or whenever you need it.

Understand Landlord-Tenant Laws

When you become a renter or a landlord it is good to know both tenants and landlords rights, because both landlord and tenant are abide by laws. Whether you are living in home for rent, apartment, etc. law may same for all rental property. A little research will helpful for you to save your security deposit and write a letter to landlord before leaving their rental property before more than one or two months.

Carefully Read Agreement

Your agreement to rent will tell each and everything related to late payment, end date of the agreement, leaving date, notice or other things. If your rental agreement has end date you can easily leave before a specified date or you can also extend your rental agreement, depending on the landlord. If you receive any notice, then your security deposit may be at risk for breaking an agreement or lease. If you are on monthly lease, you can give notice before you leave Rental Property, before 30 days from the date of leaving. And ensure that you get the receipt of monthly rent.

Leave It Same As You Received

If you really want to save your security deposit, you should leave their rental property on same condition when you receive. Remove sticky posters, fill the holes on the wall where you hung your pictures or anything else, repair any damage caused by you, repaint walls but ensure that the color is approved by landlord. Deep clean oven, fridge, cabinets, etc., Clean the whole rental property, even furniture, kitchen, appliances (repair if they need), used by you (tenants) if it is provided by the landlord.

Final Request

After cleaning and fixing, ask your landlord to take a visit as inspection of their rental property and ensure that each and everything is in good working condition and all damages are repaired and fix. Several landlords neglect to take inspection, so it’s up to you that how can you convince them to take inspection visit. Sometimes landlord will take a visit alone and inspect each and everything and ensure that you (tenant) just do normal wear and tear without any damage, if possible go with them.

In The End

Now you can hand over the keys to the landlord of their home rental and ensure that your landlord know your new address. Because if your landlord wants to send the security deposit they need your address. Or in case you are not present in the city you can ask to make an online transaction or give an address of trustworthy person or your well known person.


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