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There are several landlords who never think about tenants, but this is wrong, as a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make your tenants happy and comfortable. Because they are paying rent to you for usage of your rental property. As a landlord, there are several questions come in mind that, is tenant’s pay rent on time? How do you rental tenants? and etc., If in case landlord suffer from these situations,landlords must know about tenants, that they are really happy with your rental property or landlord maintain a good relation between them. There are some important steps or point which may really helpful for landlords to establish a good relationship between tenants and landlords are also make your tenants happy.

Customer Service

Did you know the exact meaning of customer service? It means to serve your services to customers or to provide services to customers with good quality. Suppose landlords will provide their services to tenant’s, but for long term relationship or for goodwill, it is necessary to provide good quality services to tenants.


When your office is open, ensure that there is someone available who solve the queries of renter’s and if there is no one then try to convince renter’s that you will available as soon as possible. Show them that you are available all the time for them, answer their calls, reply test and mails.


It’s good when you know your tenant’s name, this show to renters that you know them very well. And try to ask them that there is any issue or not. Like any feedback form, because it is necessary to listen what your renter’s want to say.

General Keep-Ups

There are several issues occurred in rental property or premises like, elevator not working, hot water tank burst or leaking, some renovations or fixing, etc. are taking place so in that case it is very important that how can you treat to your tenants. Even if there are major issues raised in homes for rent, or any kind of rental properties you have to be honest and open about what is happening. If you don’t want to knock the doors of tenant’s to provide some information regarding any Rental property, then use a common place for announcement or place a notice board.

Be Different

During the peak times of rental property hunting several landlords will allow discounts and rewards to attract renters, but if you allow discounts and rewards all the time it will make your identity in the rental property market. And tenants will attract to your rental property.

Be Connected

It is good to be connected with your previous and present renter’s, it will help to make a good relationship between both landlord and tenant. Ask for tenants, that they comfortable and with the Rental property, or need any changes, if there is any inconvenience or issues try to shoot as soon as possible. Social media is the best way to connect to renters, if in case your home rentals get vacant soon, and you need a new tenant, on that time you can use social media.


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