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Behind a successful landlord, there are good tenants, because a good tenant can help landlord to become a successful landlord. Landlords will provide several services and also provide personal space for their living and in revert landlords charge some amount. But sometimes renters are not loyal and disobey or break the rental agreement conditions. So there is a tenant’s screening process which is to be used for choosing right tenant’s by raising several questions related to tenant’s Salary, previous landlords and place, etc. But sometimes landlords will fail to get the right tenants for rental property. So as a landlord there are some kind of tenants that should be avoided by landlords :-

Destructive Tenants

Destructive tenants are more costly than other because of their Destructive nature. It doesn’t mean that they will destroy your whole rental property, but they may harm your rental property which can be an accident. If they have kids, they can also do that, or maybe younger’s also with a short temper. There are other destructive tenants who can disturb your rental property by redesign. They will renovate or rebuild the interior according to their convenience without getting your permission. You can easily identify them by their history of defacing property, kids that out of control, extended family, rambunctious pets.

Noisy Renters

It is very frustrating when you get complain calls from neighbors. As a landlord, neighbors will directly call you to complain about your renter’s, and most complaints are related to loud noise of the tenant’s sound system and as a landlord it is your responsibility to handle the situation without creating more issues. And you will not allow to stay or never want to get into these types of tenants in your homes for rent. You can easily recognize them by asking about the hookups, parties, sound system, etc.

Late Rent Payers

These tenants will not get any harm to your rental property, but they can lead you suffer from financial issues. These renters are maybe good person, but they will pay your rent too late, which can lay down your rental property business. These renters will suffer from financial crisis through which they cannot able to pay rent on time, if you are able to help them, then you should do it and give them some extra time or if these conditions will occur in routine during rent collection time, then it is good to ask to leave you home rentals. Whenever you, get new renters, you should conduct their background check or their history and ensure that they will able to pay rent on time or not.

Tenants with Pets

Our pets are one of our good friends, but in rental property, it can be harmful for business. Pet lovers can disobey the conditions of allowing pets in the premises or complex and the resulting is the harm to your rental property. It is very difficult to get renters for vacant property which is previously housed by animals. You may love pets or animals, but don’t allow make damage to your rental property. So you can add your terms and conditions in your rental agreements related to pets or pet lovers.

Dishonest Tenants

This is a really bad news when you know that your renter is a liar, they will always lie to landlords.They’ll lie about the state of the property when they moved in and when they moved out. They’ll try to take advantage of the landlord to receive undue discounts and benefits. They’ll also lie about the real cause of property damage to avoid paying for the repairs. Extra vigilance in the screening process is essential to avoid the woes of the lying leaseholder.


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