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Colors are very important in our life and they are spread all over the world, it could be the way of your thinking to express the feelings. When you are using them in your space then it will become very beautiful, if you are able to choose well according to your home requirement. When you know about the usage of right color on your wall then it is easy to use but if you don’t know that how to paint your rental space then it will be a mess. So be careful while painting or maybe you can hire some professionals to paint because they are professionals but they can cost from you for their services. If you want to do it yourself then there are some tips which is helpful for you:

Ask from landlord:

For renters, you should take permission from your landlord to repaint their rental property, because it is very necessary to ask from your landlord, they may not allow to make any changes by renter or maybe they can agree, but landlord will not allow for painting job. It is your need to repaint their home rentals, it is necessary to take permission and it is good to take a written permission. If you are going to paint without taking permission by landlord then you can say bye to your security deposit.

Right Tools:

When you are going to do any type of job  you should need something to compile and complete it, like writers need pen & paper, plumber need pipe wrench, electrician need wire cutter, plier, etc., so same as other for painting you need paint brush, primer, paint, plastic sheet, paint tray, etc. are needed to complete your task. In simple words, you cannot win a war without weapons. So it is good to choose right painting tools for painting job.

Prepare Walls for Painting:

After gathering all things for painting tools you cannot start your painting job, till your walls are not ready. How can you check your walls? Some people start painting without checking their walls whether it is ready or not. Before painting you should remove dust or dirt from the wall, find holes and cracks and fill or repair it.  By using warm water with sponge remove dirt and marks & try to lighten them, repair and cover the switches by using taps, any destruction work is require do it before painting. Because homes for rent requires deep check to find the holes & cracks, due to high usage of renters and they are using it according their need.

Cover Up:

After getting repair walls and covering the switches, you also need to cover the floors and furniture, because you should avoid the dropping the paint on the floor it may damage your floor by paints because sometime paints are impossible to remove from the floor. If you have basement for rent, then it will become easy to paint without any mess because they are almost filled with waste items, but you may cover the floor too.

Need Primer to Get Best Result:

Primers are used before painting to get best result and make your walls like a new. Before painting you should use primer, apply primer on the wall before painting. This process is same as the painting & the primer color comes in white color because white color gives any color nice grace. If you want to get a better result in single coat then mix some extra color in primer and after paint your walls, then it gives better result in single coat only. But professionals recommend for second to better result of colors.

At last now you can start painting on walls, by using above tips it will gives you a best result and gives you an experience like professionals. If you really want to try it, then you should ask from your friends & family for a helping hand. Or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty then go for hire professionals with some cash. HAPPY PAINTINGS


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