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As a renter or a landlord, we love to live in our homes, but as time passes it’s getting older day by day. It’s true that in today’s busy life we don’t have enough time to renovate our home, but if you really want that your old home look like new one, then you should try to do some makeover from time to time, to make a strong relation between you and your home. As Lifestyle is changing, every day and new items are launched in the market, after every 5-10 years, our homes look old & we don’t want to live in an old home with modern lifestyle. So there are some innovative ideas for remodelling your rental property:

Living with new concept

If you want to try something new and different, then try to down your living room or may use mattress on the floor with pillows instead of the sofa or furniture, which will create a conversation pit. It needs some destruction and construction which will give a new look to your living area, if you add some tiles with different design it will look different.

Shelves & Racks

Shelves are very helpful to save your space in your home , if the home size is not bigger you should use shelves on the wall or the ground, but if possible try to use it under the stairs or shelves like stair blocks. It really gives you a new look to your home rentals, or attract the renters, too, if you like to share your space for some financial benefits. It will cover the empty space nicely.

Use Underneath Space

You may use the empty space as a store room, We know it’s a low space, but it is huge for toys, shoes, liquors, clothes, etc. for those which are low space consuming and spread all over in your house. You may be able to put a small fit bed under the space or any other furniture for taking some rest or reading purpose. Or if you have pets, then use it for them, make their separate space for inside your home instead of outside, they can feel like a family member. If your property is a Tenant Rental Property then it is the best choice to save lots of space mainly for those renters who have an issue of low space.

Cover Your Flooring

Floors are the main part of the attraction in Homes for rent, if you have a modern home with a normal floor it will not look so good, but if you have a shiny floor with tiles, marbles, 3D art, etc. will make a mark-able effect on renters. It will look cleaner and shiny floor will reflect light which make your home brighter, then normal flooring. You may cover your floor with, carpets which will give a classic look to your space. You may also use it in bathrooms in winters to make your feet warm.


Heavy furniture’s lead to lots of damage and repairing them costs more, So it is better to replace your old furniture with a new one because it is lighter than older ones. If you have the older type, of heavy furniture and they are damaged then you should get new one or repair by carpenters. If rental homes come up with furniture, then as a landlord you should try to repair, you should replace the cover cloth with new one and do re-polishing of it by a professional person.



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