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It feels great when you find the right rental property according to your need, but you should be careful to sign any lease or agreement, don’t rush to sign a lease or agreement, its take some minutes to read it. May be there are some terms and conditions which will make you un-comfortable. There are some things that need to do before signing:

Good Relationships

Politeness is a good way to make good relationships with landlords, which may be helpful to make negotiation in rent. Be polite when you are in a phone conversation or during property visit, never bluff to landlord during negation or visit, it may create a backfire and make tension or worse to get landing the rental property. As a renter, you should also know about the landlords which may helpful to you because sometime good rental property comes with bad landlords. As a landlord, they need to trust on you because they are landing their rental property to stranger, so please don’t bluff to them. Or if you have any question relate to their rental property ask for them freely and take time to establish a good relationship.

Inspection on First Sight

When you visit first time to an apartment, house, basement, condo, homes for rent, etc. make your visit as an inspection. The goal of the inspection is to identify all issues before signing the agreement that you can address to the landlord. The best part is, the landlord will agree to about your concerns that you can get modifications & improvements written into your lease agreement. Worst part is, the landlord will not or cannot able to resolve your primary issues and showing the way to walk away from the homes for rent which is not fit for you.

Existing Damage

As above discussed that make your first visit as inspection and ask about the repair. Once the landlord gives you the option to the home rentals, and make sure that documents any pre-existing damage before signing agreement. If the landlord will not agree to repair damage from your first visit, make sure the damage like broken or missing tiles in the shower, stained carpet, broken blinds, etc. is documented in your agreement as pre-existing damage.

What Included

As a renter, you should know about what comes with your homes for rent or rental property, like extra utilities, cable, parking, etc. within the monthly rent. And some time you have to pay extra for these amenities apart from your monthly rent. Which will make an effect on your monthly budget. Sometimes properties might offer public transportation, on site health club memberships, discount on local gyms, etc. So ask your landlord what is the exact amount of rent.


As a renter, landlords will not make any modification in their rental property, if renter needs to make any modification, then they have to take permission from landlords. Paint walls or new lightening and fittings without permission could be result in termination of the agreement and loss of your security deposit.

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