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Are you interested in paying off the mortgage faster, adding some breathing to your room in the monthly budget, having some company or even avoiding losing the house? If you’re thinking about to become a live-in landlord by rent out one or more rooms in your home while continuing to occupy the home as your primary residence, you should first learn about the numerous tasks involved and the essential legal procedures you’ll need to follow.

What’s Space for Rent and Prepare the Space

First of all things you have to do, find the right space to allow for tenant. If you want to charge market rent, then you to provide the right space with bedroom, bathroom, furniture, etc. and provide good accommodation at least as nice as other rental property available in the same location. You should be aware about the rental of other property with the same features as yours rental property.

Safety and Soundness of Your Property

As a landlord, you are the responsible for your tenants health & safety because they relate to your homes for rent. Nuisance problems and other repair issues that may not a big problem when you are living alone, but it’s become a priority when you have a renter / tenant. It is your responsibility to make your tenant/renter happy, so they will pay your rent on time without an issue and you don’t like to deal with any legal problems by failing to keep maintain to your rental property.

Consult to Local Laws

Local laws can make trouble, if don’t have the rental permit and meet the building codes. So you should consider to visit the municipal office to take the permit of renting property and after that they will sure that your property will meet the requirement of rental property, if they satisfy with your property, they allow permit to convert your space into rental property. So it’s better to follow the rules and regulation to avoid the problems with local law other you should pay the penalties and may be dismantled the rental property. Because most of the city’s number of unrelated people who are living in a same property is restricted.

 Safe Your & Family

Safety is very important, because your family is more important than the extra income. Handing over your rental property to a stranger can be daunting, if you are living with other people, then you should consider that renter will affect them or not. If you find any problem you can take help from your law and move tenants out of your rental property, you may use the eviction process to get rented out, because family is more important than the monthly income.

Advertise your space

First, you choose what type of renter you need if you need student then place your advertisement outside campus or universities, more mature person then uses newspapers and magazines, you can use online websites to find the right renter. Online advertisement will provide you a wide range of applicants. You should use your personal links like friends, family, colleagues, etc. it is free and get renters from your known person, now your renter may be trustworthy for you. In your ads you can add the rent amount, lease terms, family size, pet’s policy, etc. which can make your search narrow from wide.

Renter Violate Agreement

When your present renter violates the rules and regulation of lease/agreement then you can terminate the agreement, you must follow some specific legal procedures according to the state (depend on the state law). If the tenant doesn’t leave your rental property, you can file a lawsuit and go through the eviction process.


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