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If you really want to sell your property when it is not useful, then you should change the decision as you can convert it into rental property. Because selling property can bring you one time money but rental property can make some amount on monthly basis. For a good rental property you need a good tenant, how can you find the right tenant it’s a big question for landlords, so there are some tips that may be helpful for you to find the right tenants for landlords:

Housing Laws:

As a landlord, if you are looking for renters it is very important to understand the federal, state or local laws that prohibit landlords form discriminating against certain federals. The civil rights act will prohibit the discrimination based on race but the Fair housing act will prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, gender, national origin, family status, disabilities or religion. The laws apply on advertisement, interviewing, and selection procedure of potential tenants. If you are not following the rules of fair housing laws you may be subject to penalties.


You can advertise your rental property by yourself with talking with friends, colleagues & family, flyers, place a read signs at or near the property, placing advertisement in the classified section on local newspapers and place ads on websites related to rental properties. Your advertisement should provide proper fact and right description of your home for rent. You can highlight any positive feature that can easy attract renters. Rental Ads Include the numbers of rooms, bathrooms, monthly rents, and security deposit. Add the physical address of your home for rent if you want that renter take a view of property before contacting you, but be sure address information and contact information must be correct and easy to read.

 Clean & fix:

Before putting an advertisement, you must make sure that your rental home is well clean and ready to show. Because many tenants are ready move in as soon as possible and they can response within an hour of posting an advertisement. And also make sure that nothing will need to change or repair because if there is anything that need to be replace or repair do as soon as soon possible, because postponing will lead to delay to move in the renters. So it is better to clean and fix the damage before showing your rental property to renters.

Rental Application

It is a document that is used to collect the personal information about the applicant who are visited to your rental property, so that landlord will perform the background checks. Rental application will come with below request to fill:

Applicants’ names

Social Security numbers

Previous addresses

Driver’s license numbers

Income sources and amounts

Children’s names and ages

Number of pets and their breeds

Employer contacts and job title

 References (not family):

 It is depend on your state’s laws that may be able to charge the non-refundable fee which will fill the cost of background check, if someone will refuse to pay fees then you will go for screening.

Lease Agreement:

 Always go with the use of lease agreement which will set the terms and conditions for tenants living in the homes for rent. It will include all the condition like who will live in, when rent due, late rent charges, pets are allow or not, and etc. it will benefits for both tenants and landlords.


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