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What To Do When Tenant’s Rent Is Late


As a landlord, when your rent is getting late day by day by tenant’s side it is very frustrating. You have to wait for your rent and sometime at last your tenants will refuse to pay rent. What do you do? And your tenants will have same past issues of late payments history. You can also take legal actions but it cost you more because you have to hire an expensive lawyer and have spent lot of time on court. So it is better to take an action yourself. There are some tips which may help for you:

  1. Lease Documents and Payment Records

It’s better to check the previous records to prove that your tenant is habitual to pay rent not on time he/she always pay their rent late. Many times landlords will keep maintain their records on paper which will help to get the right information for paid or unpaid rent. In most of the states they specify the grace period but some time there is only 3-5 days for payment of rent after the due date. If you found that the tenant is really not paying the rent on time in records, then you can fine late payment charges if this clause is putted in the agreement.

  1. Late Rent Notice

The next step is to send the late rent notice, in this paper landlord will remind the tenant that their past payments are still due. It include all the payments that incudes late charges with warning that legal action will be taken if they will not pay the due full rent soon. It may be served to the tenants in person, email, or using tape to the door of the rental property form the due date. The late rent notice will also help you in court, that you are following all legal rules for collection of rent, it is necessary to take a copy of rent notice.

  1. Phone Call

After sending the late rent notice you should call your tenant and ask for receiving of late rent notice. Several times tenants will not answer the call or avoid to take to landlord in that case you should keep trying to contact them or try talk to them. As alternate, you may email them but this is not work, you keep trying to contact them and talk to them.

  1. Pay or Quit Notice

This is highly official document than the late rent notice; it is the first step of eviction process. It shows the tenant that you are seriously taking action against the non-payment of rent and tenant are still late to pay their rent with late charges after crossing the due dates. If you have power of eviction attorney, it will make a draft & post it to the tenants address. You may also mail them to your side as a backup, so that tenant will not neglect that they didn’t receive any legal notice like this. Now you have to wait for 3-5 days for the process, you may also check the local legal.

  1. Legal Action

When nothing will work and tenant will still doesn’t pay your rent then you will take help from your law and take legal action. Now you can hire eviction lawyer, file a tenant-landlord complaint in court. You will need to pay fee and complete all the paper work before you get the hearing date. When the day of hearing of your case will come, you should know what to say and have all the evidence, documents will prepared.

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